Thursday, April 22, 2010

Betty Chen Louis on my website

Late last night I posted some of Betty Chen Louis' needlework including the Cityscapes she will teach of the Embroiderers' Guild (EGA) at their national seminar in San Francisco in September.

Seeing the collection of Betty's Cityscapes is a must, as IMHO they are some of the best contemporary embroidery. She is the mistress of line and color in our needlework world and if you look at her work you will instantly understand why.

Betty has taught at almost every national seminar for the past gazillion years and now for the first time, she is offering a class online through Shining Needle Society. Her classes aren't like the majority of needlework classes where we show people how to recreate our projects stitch by stitch. Betty's classes always go a step further by incorporating work on design even when students are recreating what she has made.

I am excited to see the opportunity come to Shining Needle Society and our online needlework community.

Gay Ann


Suestich said...

Gay Ann

You are so right!!! Betty is an absolute joy to take classes with. You walk away with so many new concepts and a beautiful project. Have taken many classes with Betty and each one was a pleasure

Sue VanderNoor

Susan1968 said...

I took a class from Betty Chen Louis in Regina, Saskatchewan some time in the late 1990's called the Cyclamen Scroll. After several years I finally finished it today. Amazing! A beautiful piece. In the instructions she mentioned its a companion to the Lotus Scroll. I would like to have a look at this piece. Maybe order it, if it should be available after all these years. Anyways if you could ask Betty to contact me at that would be great. I agree she is a great instructor.