Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forty-Six Cheers for Adobe!

This summer my life got a lot worse: Apple took away the program I use to create my website. Yes, iWeb is disappearing and MacSoph, Queendom Website and I have become iWeb Orphans.

All summer long my angst has been, what do we do?

Now almost every sophisticated computer person has looked askance at iWeb as 'not sophisticated' 'a very bad web design program' 'not for serious people' 'only for amateurs' etc. OK, I've learned enough to know that some of the complaints are well founded.

Still, iWeb gave me a very simple format and a great deal of freedom to stitch together my bit of magic.

As I've looked around for a program to replace iWeb, I've 'auditioned' several and found that the simple ones slot me in a box and force me to stay in the confines of the box. They may be more sophisticated in terms of web stuff, but for design possibilities they don't live up to iWeb.

The only way around the dilemma was the long arduous task of learning code, so I spent a considerable amount of time learning a bit about html and css. I found I actually enjoy it, but I was not at all certain I wanted to spend each day using it to make daily changes to Queendom Website. I could see my treasured stitching time evaporating in a mist of angle brackets.

Still I soldiered on, each day feeling more and more like sending a stream of darts toward Apple's management for its decision to kill iWeb.

All along DH has told me, there are too many iWeb users and someone will step up to the plate and do something that will help all the iWeb Orphans.

Who knew that the someone stepping up to the plate would be the almighty Adobe itself.

Forty-Six Cheers for Adobe! It is as if they heard my own personal cry and brought me the perfect solution for Queendom Website!

MacSoph, Queendom Website and I will live on for another day after all. Thank you, Adobe! Thank you thank you thank you!

Gay Ann

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Unknown said...

Gay Ann,

If you DO find a resource for IWeb orphans, could you please, please let me know?
My blog has gotten SO cluttered, it really really needs a complete re-design. There's lots of information in there that I've researched and want to share that I'm afraid that other people just can't find.
I USED to be a computer programmer. But I've tried to learn CSS and I can't. (It was a bit horrible realising that I can't) because of the neurological disease I now have.
I put a post on my blog awhile ago asking for anyone that could do the job for me, for good pay.
I got one response - a nephew of an embroiderer, but I was too sick to complete the 'paper' version of the design before he went back to college.
Meanwhile, I feel sad everytime I see my blog. I've lost some features coz I touched the CSS, and couldn't get the full backup back. (People with neurological illnesses make really silly mistakes - that's the problem. We have what's called "brain fog" as well as short term memory problems- as in, not having one! *grin*)
Best, and best of luck rebuilding your page.