Saturday, September 20, 2008

E-Merchandise Week Sale features Hollyhock House Sampler

My Second Annual E-Merchandise Week sale is less than a month from now and day by day I am adding photos of the designs I will sell this year.
This year I will sell the instructions for one of my best samplers, The Guardian Angels of Hollyhock House.
For details see my website, and click on 'Samplers for Sale.'

Gay Ann

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Month until E-Merchandise Week

It is exactly a month before my Second Annual E-Merchandise Week and I have just posted a photo of the first thing for sale this year. It is one of the best samplers I have ever designed and stitched.
To see a photo and information about it, visit my website and enjoy.

Gay Ann

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Second Annual E-Merchandise Week

My Second Annual E-Merchandise Week starts in a month and two days. Like last year's it will run for a week, from October 15 through October 21, then just like Brigadoon it will disappear.

On September 15 (that's two days from now) I will post my first design for sale, a pre-week offering of one of the best things I have ever stitched!
Watch for a photo here; watch for price and information about ordering it on my website, then click on E-Merchandise Week.

The wind-up will start soon....
Gay Ann

Sunday, September 07, 2008

EGA Seminar in Louisville: Photos

Each day I took photos at the seminar and posted them on my website. These are my three favorite ones: Ann, Jane and Lynn all cracking up! That's what I love best about seminar: lots of good times!
I had wonderful classes and a wonderful time at this very special seminar.

To see more of my photos from seminar go to: and click on EGA photos.

Gay Ann

Mystery in a Corner Sales to Close on September 20

On September 20 registration for Mystery in a Corner will close. I will not accept orders for the pattern after that time.
If you wish to order Mystery in a Corner in its final days, please write to me:

Gay Ann

Thursday, September 04, 2008

EGA Seminar in Louisville

I am in Louisville at EGA's 50th anniversary seminar and here I am with my buddies at dinner on Wednesday night. For more photos at the seminar which I have posted each day, go to and click on EGA photos. Watch for more each day and enjoy!
Gay Ann