Tuesday, August 07, 2018

One Last Needlepoint Queen and Then I am Finished

I like things in fours. I know the artistic world prefers things in threes, but I like fours.
I was trying to figure out why and I decided it has to do with the four seasons.

So until now I stitched four powerful women: Elizabeth 1, Catherine the Great and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Three is fine, but in keeping with my love of fours, I decided on a fourth and Last Queen.

Who is she? it is a secret until Friday, August 10.

This week, I have packed my e-jet and taken my followers on a trip to meet the Last Queen.
It is on my website each day.

Tomorrow (Wednesday August 8) we come closer to knowing her identity, and then Thursday, August 9 even closer.

It is my Last Queen and so I am partying on Thursday night with a stitch in into the wee hours.
You are welcome to join me -- I will be stitching away and posting notes in my Shining Needle Society Rooms -- and sometime around midnight New York time I will post one last playful page on my website, and then in the morning we will meet my Last Queen.

If you would like to play along visit my website: www.GayAnnRogers.com

Gay Ann