Friday, January 26, 2007

Shopping Spree for My New Idea

I found more little items for my new idea today in the Container Store. There I found a little red hinged plastic heart-shaped box for 99 cents and a little felt bag with a tiny teddy bear in it for $5.49. The bag is red felt with a little white heart appliqued to it. "Be Mine" is written on the heart. The teddy bear is very small and very soft and she has a heart hat on her head. I also found some sandwich baggies, 20 of them for $4.99, with hearts on them.

I am writing about these items way before I will do the project because they are all seasonal items and will likely disappear in 2 weeks.

Now back to work on my Mystery Sampler.

Gay Ann

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Idea and Something to Shop For

I am home again from Callaway which was just super! I have such a good time at Callaway each year and this year was no exception. Callaway is absolutely my FAVORITE venue. In a couple of days I will write more about my 2 sessions this year, also about Flora in the exhibit and lots of other tidbits.

I was running errands today. Most of my ideas come to me as I am driving down Mission Bay Blvd and so it happened there again. I have to see if my idea is feasible but a teensy part of the idea will be on the market for only a very short time (the teensy part is related to Valentine's Day).

In case you would like to follow the progress of my idea and are interested in the first small part, go to your nearest Hallmark store and ask for the "Miniature Measuring Tape" called "Love can't be measured." It is a dear little red heart-shaped tape measure in a faux leather case and it costs $10.00. I have mine sitting here right in front of me.

To be continued...

Gay Ann

Monday, January 08, 2007

Supplies for my Redwork Mystery

Now that the holidays are past and we have 2 months to go till the deadline for my Mystery Sampler (called A Redwork Sampler Full of Surprises), people are starting to write to me with inquiries about supplies. I will answer each of your questions individually, but thought it a good idea also to post the information on my blog.

Here is the list of the supplies I used:
White congress cloth 14" tall x 17" wide.
6 skeins of Anchor floss #1005 red.

Notes on choosing supplies other than the ones I used:
You may choose any ground fabric (congress cloth or linen) you wish, so long as it is 24 - 28 count. Much of the design is worked in Cross Stitch over 1 Mesh and Double-Running Stitch, so the design will look very delicate on 24-28 count. There is no need to work on a finer ground, say 30 count or 32 or 40 count unless you have an obsession. In this case, use what feeds your obsession. (Heaven forbid we not satisfy obsessions).

You may work in any thread you wish as long as it approximates the weight of Anchor embroidery floss.
If you choose silk, you will have to calculate the amount you need. A skein of 6 ply embroidery floss has 8 meters (for those of you who need reminding, a meter is 39").

You may work in any color (or combination of colors) you wish, so long as the thread you choose passes The Test.
Here is The Test:
With a single ply of your thread (for example, one ply of the six in embroidery floss), work a short length of Double-Running stitch. If the color shows up clearly and crisply on the ground fabric, it will work well; if it fades into the fabric, find a stronger color.

If you have any questions, let me know.
If the same questions come from a number of you, I will post them on my blog.

Gay Ann

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sunrise on 2007

Still working on learning to use my Christmas camera, I took this photo out of the side window in our livingroom as the sun was coming up on 2007. Happy New Year!

As soon as I am home again from Callaway, I will post updates on my Redwork Mystery Sampler.

Remember: the deadline for Mystery Sampler registration is March 1.

Gay Ann