Wednesday, October 31, 2018

My Needlepoint Queens in the New Year: One Last Time

In August I sold my last needlepoint queen. I am essentially out of the queen business now.

But no sooner than I had sold my last queen, than people started asking me to bring back the queens so they could fill in the series.

One last time I will bring them back, likely next summer.
If you are missing one or two and would like to fill in the series, best to email me about being on my interest list.

My Needlepoint Queens are:
Elizabeth 1
Catherine the Great
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Queen Victoria.

I will enter names onto a interest list and will offer what kits I can make on a first come first serve basis for as long as they last.

I will offer them to people on the interest list first, then sell on the open market any that might be left over.

Saying 'good bye, Queens' for one last time next summer.

Gay Ann