Thursday, July 30, 2009

Techniques 4

This morning I posted Techniques 4 on my website. Again it is about Bullion Knots and comes from a question I received.
Next time, unless I receive another great question about Bullion Knots, I will move on.

Gay Ann

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Techniques 3

I just posted Techniques 3 on my website.
I also posted new colors for Summer Sunshine, colors I wish I had used when I stitched the design.
for Tecniques click on navigation bar.

for Summer Sunshine's new colors, scroll down on home page and click on the geometric.

It's been fun to do both of these projects!
Gay Ann

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bullion Knots 2 in my Techniques Column

On July 8, as a part of my website's anniversary celebration I began writing a column on needlework techniques I have found helpful over the years. I began with Bullion Knots, fitting I thought because my students have always dubbed me 'The Queen of Bullion Knots'.

This morning I posted 'Bullion Knots, Part 2'.
Enjoy! And remember, the secret to making a Bullion Knot is not a mystery; it is simple practice.

Gay Ann

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 Stitches a Day: I've Completed Week 4

I just posted my progress for week 4 of 12 Stitches a Day on my website.

I am surprised again by my progress, particularly when I look at where I started and where I am now. I have hardly spent any time on this program. Admittedly I have done it every day, but I have stitched on it in little minutes I probably would have wasted, like time spent waiting for DH when we are going somewhere, minutes like that.

The secret is leaving the project out and set to go so that I sit down and take 5 or 6 stitches instead of twiddling my thumbs.

If you go to see my progress, you will see that I have now completed two of the four little pieces and am quite far on the two others.
and click on 12 Stitches.

Happy Sunday!
Gay Ann

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Surprise Column Coming Tomorrow

As my week of Anniversary Celebrations concludes, my last surprise is a new column. It will be an ongoing column on my website and I saved it for last because I hope it will carry us into Year Two.

I will publish it first thing in the morning.

And if you haven't stopped by to check out a video of one of needlework's most popular teachers, do so! and click on 'Surprise Video'.

Gay Ann

Monday, July 06, 2009

Posted on my Website: Video of My 'Surprise Guest'

My video is in place on my website and working.
Just hit the movie controller button and let it load.
If it doesn't start automatically, hit the button a second time.

It's a silly interview!
I enjoyed making it, although shooting it and interviewing someone at the same time is difficult for those of us who can do only one task at a time.

Still, my interviewee's charm overcomes my video-making inadequacies!

Gay Ann and click on 'Surprise Video' on the navigation bar

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Surprise Video Tomorrow Morning!

As a part of my week-long celebration of my website's anniversary, I am posting tomorrow morning a 2.5 minute video of one of needlepoint's favorite people!

Who is it?

To find out you will have to go and see: and click on 'Surprise Video on the navigation bar.
And enjoy someone with a spicy sense of humor.

Gay Ann

Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Week of Celebrating My Website's Anniversary

I am indeed celebrating my website's first anniversary.

Here is the new design I posted on my website 2 days ago, a geometric called Summer Sunshine. This is the first time I have sold the pattern.

Yesterday I posted an ornament from last year, the very first thing I sold on my website. I brought it back for sale in 'Small Designs'.

Today I posted a story about my year at Apple and about my first tutor there, Brian.

Tomorrow I will post my progress on 12 Stitches a Day. At the end of three weeks I have made some genuine progress, in fact I am in line tomorrow morning to finish one of the little pieces of the sewing case.

Then Monday comes a surprise! A little video which lasts for 2.5 minutes. I shot it at EGA's Regional Seminar last June and I just love it if I do say so! Am I a wonderful movie maker? Absolutely not! But my subject makes the video!

So here I am, celebrating my website's anniversary and having a great time doing it!
Gay ann

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Online Anniversary!

Today is a big day in my online life for it was a year ago that I began managing my website. With this in mind I think a celebration is in order and some new treats.

Coming soon:
a new design (one I have never sold before),
a new video (a favorite)
a new game
a new column
a new story.

They will unfold over the next few days.

Gay Ann