Friday, June 01, 2018

June 1, 2018: Queendom Website's Tenth Anniversary

Today Queendom Website is 10 years old! It doesn't seem possible, but it is so: Queendom Website went live 10 years ago to the wonder and amazement of everybody around Cody and me. Cody did all the nameserver and CPanel stuff and soon '' was pointing to my little iWeb website.

It took a while. Cody kept testing it. We waited, watching the screen, watching watching, and then suddenly there it was and I went skipping around the store as friends clicked through it on various computers around me.

I was so excited! I thought that day, my world really belongs to me now.

And not long afterwards a friend said to me, 'Gay Ann, that website is just like your own personal little kingdom' and I replied, 'yes indeedy, but it isn't a kingdom, it's a queendom'. And that's how Queendom Website got its name.

Queendom Website is all mine! I've told people, I'm Queen. It's not a democracy, it's an autocracy, and  sometimes run on whim. It's why I've always had an abundance of crowns everywhere, and likely always will.

It has been a great 10 years, without doubt my best and favorite years!

Now I face a very big challenge to keep going. I've promised myself I'll try, and I will stay another year or two for sure. I will know by the spring of 2020 if I can continue.

But that's ahead and now is now, and today I celebrate by picking up my needle for the whole day. I hope you will join me and help celebrate by stitching along with me.

My small celebration sale will start June 2 bright and early at 8:00 a.m. California time.  For today we kick back and rejoice with our Needles in our hands.