Thursday, September 18, 2014

Needlepoint Designs from My Past are on My Website This Morning

I can't believe how time has gotten away from me: I checked my blog this morning expecting it had been two weeks since I'd last posted. I discovered not two weeks but two months!

I am winding up to my once-a-year sale, this year starting on October 8. I've been asking my followers at Shining Needle Society to help choose designs from my past that I will bring back this year.

The sale seems to have evolved into two parts: the General Sale in which I post designs that are mostly new, or new to the internet. They are the designs I've stitched in the past year or so.

In the Early Morning Surprise Windows of Saturday October 11 and Sunday October 12, I will bring back designs from my past, and in the last couple of weeks I've been working on assembling them.

So far people have chosen two designs from last year's sale and two hearts. This morning I posted designs that people have requested throughout the past year or two and you will find on Queendom Website photos of eleven.

For quick reference:

I've been preparing this page for a couple of days now and it has been a trot down memory lane, that is for sure. The photos cover years, in some cases decades, of my life in needlework and there is at least one from each of the categories I design: samplers, figures, geometrics and a sewing case. Some of them I've brought back multiple times, others not so frequently.

I am looking forward to seeing what people choose. It was interesting to see which hearts were the most popular among my followers. Interesting, but not too surprising, as I review the choices. The choices from my last year's sale surprised me more. Now I'm on my way to look again at the choices on my home page this morning and see if I can guess which ones I will bring back.

It is such a busy time of year for me. Fun but too much to do! I have my fingers crossed that I get it all together by October 8.

Gay Ann