Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iron Wrought in Silk

Thank you, Pierrette, for such a nice comment about Iron Wrought in Silk.

As I wrote in Part 1 of my commentary on Iron, I had started and abandoned the sampler a couple of years ago. Only when I wanted a sampler with a gate did I start to work again on it. All the way through this sampler I struggled, all the way through had my doubts. Only when I took the last dozen stitches did I decide it was perfect for my purposes and now I confess, I am so happy that I decided to continue with it and I love the way it came out.

This morning on my website, I posted Part 2 of its story and a photo of it just after I began work on it again. When I look at the photo of it part way and the photo of the finished sampler, I think indeed, sometimes there is a bit of magic in how these pieces sort themselves out.

As I said earlier, it will become such an important part of my website if I can learn how to do all I wish to do. It is always a struggle, but therein lies much of the reward.

Gay Ann

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Looking forward to 2011

It's the day after Christmas, Boxing Day if you've ever spent a Christmas in the U.K. It's also Sunday, and cold across the U.S. Perfect time to snuggle up and stitch, which is exactly what I plan to do today.

I am finishing a little scissors case to commemorate Callaway's Needle Arts School's 40th anniversary. With any luck I should finish today; I don't have far to go.

I had a lovely time stitching yesterday, didn't even have to feel guilty about running away from Kit Hell and Mail Jail.
Yesterday also I posted on my website three new projects I finished this year: Mary Queen of Scots, Bess of Hardwick -- and a sampler called 'Iron Wrought in Silk'.

Iron Wrought in Silk is so important for my website, for it leads the way to The Future for me and yesterday I started telling its story. So far Part 1. With all this in mind I look forward to the New Year and all it holds. I have so much stitching to do and so much to learn about MacSoph, my computer, and I so greatly look forward to it all!

Time to start planning to 2011. 2011: I hope it is a lucky number.

Gay Ann

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Story on my Website this morning

It has been a sad year in one respect: we have lost too many friends in our stitching world. This year, in January we lost Linda Wilken who had bravely battled cancer for 5 years. My Christmas Story is a tiny vignette of her last Christmas. It is such a small bit of Christmas Magic, but really about the power of a special friendship through our needles.

I just posted "The Twelve Santas" on my website earlier in the morning.

Gay Ann

Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's Snowing on My Website!

This afternoon, with lots of help, I finished decorating Queendom Website for the holidays, and it's snowing on my home page!
Like my first adventure in animation, I got so excited with the first flakes fell across my sewing case.

I look forward to the holidays this year but with some degree of sadness too. We lost too many people this year -- my friend, Linda Wilken, lost her battle to cancer in January. Then Kathleen Rake, such a gentle soul. And a very big part of my life for a while, Ben Grundfast, who was such a seminar and Callaway fixture for many years. And Molly Holt such a short time ago. I will miss them all and I realize only too keenly something I didn't understand when I was young: the ghosts of Christmases past.

All year long I have kept one story about Linda and some Santa Clauses. I saved it for Christmas, and I will publish it sometime within the next week.

In Queendom Website's Chrismtases past, I have always saved a special piece I've stitched and I post it as a small treat on Christmas morning. This year's is framed and waiting, and it is the first piece I have made entirely for my website. When I have learned much more than I know now, this sampler will play a very large role in the future of Queendom Website. But more about that on Christmas Morning.

For now, I have spent some time reorganizing my thimble pages. I now have a page for thimbles for sale now and a page for ended auctions with prices the thimbles fetched. If one looks at auction prices, one can learn a lot about pricing a collectible. As it is the shopping season, I will keep the thimbles, sewing tools and cameos on Queendom Website through the holidays.

Yes, cameos too. At E-Week I had several requests from people for cameos. I am out of the cameo business now -- I bought them only when I was actively teaching my cameo pieces. Instead, I would like to help people find suitable cameos for all my cameo samplers, then next summer I hope to bring the cameo pieces back for a little Cameo Extravaganza.

I had a good time decorating Queendom Website this year. I headed into it without many ideas, then it just came to me as I was searching through my files for a wallpaper. So I hope you will have time to stop by and watch it snow, check out thimble prices and needlework tool prices, and cameo prices as well, stay for my story of Linda Wilken and the Twelve Santas. And if I have a chance, a new Techniques Column too.

Happy Holidays!
Gay Ann