Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle, aka Boylemania, Revisited

I had a great time because I found a 'live stream' video of Britain's Got Talent and watched it in realtime. Amazing!
Sat on my couch, stitched and watched and listened to the whole program. I even exchanged several emails with a Brit friend who was watching and stitching at her house.

It's over. While the dance group 'Diversity' were incredible, my heart belongs to Susan Boyle. She sang her beautiful song better in the final than in her audition. She sang it with a subtlety, a greater depth and a bit of pathos that wasn't there the first time around. Maybe a realization that fame has a sting.

I was disappointed with the results, but then someone gave me a great idea!

I went to Amazon and signed up to be notified when Susan Boyle's first CD comes out.
Then I felt better. Likely this vote will make a greater difference to her life than had I been in the UK and been able to vote for her.

If you want to do the same, click on the URL below.

Gay Ann

Boylemania has hit my little Stitching World

Today is the final for Britain's Got Talent and I am having a little personal Stitch In while I wait by MacSoph (my computer) for ITV to post the YouTubes of the performances and the results later on this afternoon.

I invited my class at Shining Needle Society to join me.

I confess: I am caught up in this one. I have never watched any of these reality talent shows before (I am a news junkie not a reality show junkie), but I got caught up in this one and Boylemania. Anyway, any excuse to stitch!

Gay Ann

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scissors Finale, Part 2 Today

Earlier this morning I posted photographs of the 'house' I created for the scissors I bought on eBay.
I loved making this sewing case, even though the details took such a long time.

I had started the sewing case but hadn't planned the insides of it yet, ie I hadn't decided what tools I would use in it. Then I found an eBay listing for two pairs of scissors; at first I didn't think of them for the sewing case, I simply posted them on my website with the details of the sale. They were a 'Buy it Now' item and I thought they were pretty.

I watched the listing for about a week, all the while stitching on the sewing case. One day I looked at the scissors and thought 'perfect!' and bought them. They were just the right size and I love the way they look in the case and best of all, they are the same age as the house that served as my inspiration for the sewing case.

It is fun to look at eBay listings for antique needlework tools. When I find tools I like, I post notice of the auctions, photos of the tools and the details about the close of the auction and how many people have bid so far.

This morning, for example, I found a listing for a white opaline egg with tiny sewing tools. These eggs were trifles, toys made to delight the 19th century lady, and they are so charming. They are also very collectable and the prices they fetch are often very high.

Even though too high for many collectors' budgets, particularly today, I enjoy seeing them for sale, finding out the details and watching what happens with the auctions. And every once in a while, I find a great bargain! Isn't that always the hope of the collector.

To check eBay listings I have noted on my website, go to and click on eBay listings.
To see my sewing case with its eBay scissors, go to and click on Scissors, then on Scissors 17.

Gay Ann

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scissors Finale on My Website

For the better part of a month I have been posting photos and descriptions of scissors on my website and chatting about them in my Shining Needle Society classroom.

So here we are, toward the end of May and with it, My Scissors Finale.
The Finale is in two parts: today the scissors, tomorrow what I did with them.

To see them and read the story, go to
click on scissors, then on Scissors 16.

I had SUCH a good time with this project!
Gay Ann

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Scissors Treat This Morning!

Kate Gaunt found a listing on eBay for an old pair of scissors with mother of pearl handles. These are scarce and fragile and the fact that any survived at all is amazing as they are over 200 years old now. And here is a pair on eBay.

Kate's find was perfect timing because I had planned to post a photo of my own old and new ones.

I posted one of my favorite pairs of old ones and also the modern scissors with imitation mother of pearl handles that are now for sale in many needlework shops. Both are beautiful! Of course the old ones are so thin, intricate and delicate but they wouldn't hold up to use on our work (imagine trying to rip with them! -- on second thought, don't imagine: they wouldn't last 10 seconds!). That's the advantage of the new ones: they are much more sturdy and they preserve some of the beauty of the old ones.

Gay Ann
click on Scissors, then on thumbnail 15.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Dramatic Pair of Scissors this morning

I just posted a dramatic pair of French scissors now 200 years old on my website, along with a couple of the ways to tell French scissors from English or American.

If you are interested in identifying the differences between English, French and American scissors with silver handles, the photos I have posted are a good place to start. Here's what to look for: the shapes of the blades, the general proportion, the style of the silver work, and the finger rings.

It is a fun hobby particularly if you are addicted to scissors, as I am.

Gay Ann, then click on Scissors, then on the thumbnail for Scissors 14.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scissors and More Scissors

On my website I continue to post photos of scissors. At first I posted modern scissors for A Case for Color. Now I am posting antique scissors, special ones that I love.

Yesterday I posted two of my favorite pairs, one English, one American and if you look at them carefully you will begin to understand the differences between the styles.

As for use, I have favorite scissors for favorite tasks, as I am certain everybody does. I love scissors with long thin blades for snipping and for ripping, but I think there is more to it all: there's also balance or the way the scissors feel in your hands. Some time back I posted my favorites for work, a pair of Dovos and a pair of Ginghers. I couldn't get through the day without them.

Gay Ann