Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reflections as E-Week begins to head toward the finish line

It is almost over, only one day to go for my 4th annual E-Week Sale. Some E-Week it has been too, with a record number of people coming to my Early Morning Sales. I kind-of held my breath that I would get it right and that all the windows would open smoothly. We had one hiccup but nothing like last year when Little MacSoph, simply sick of the whole thing, posted an Apple Ad.
(I know Queendom Website's followers remember that ad because one person wrote me this year and asked how much the computer MacSoph was advertising last year cost).

So the windows all opened in a timely fashion and each day lasted about 2 hours. Several people wrote to me and said it was just like Stitchers' Christmas and I wanted to write and say 'thank you' for such a kind thought!

One more day to go, then E-Week will morph into a new feature this year called 'E-Week ANNEX'. By and large Kate Gaunt has done the work and I owe her a big debt. I couldn't have begun to undertake it all. As followers of Queendom Website know, I struggle under the weight of Mail Jail, so it is wonderful for me that Kate has undertaken ANNEX.

We never intended to end up in the kit business, in fact for the first years of E-Week, I avoided it as best I could. But I have heard from so many people that they have struggled to find the supplies for my projects and increasingly I have become concerned.

Last spring in my Shining Needle general classroom I posted a questionnaire. It wasn't a long one, just 5 questions. I had well over 100 people reply and the vast majority asked please, could I offer a kit option. As many have local needlework shops they wish to support (don't we all wish for that), they didn't want kits to be mandatory, but they did want the option. People who live in areas without needlework shops report that they increasingly depend on the internet for all needlework supplies and they very much favored a kit option.

So with Echoes of Elizabeth Sewing Case last summer Kate and I joined forces to see if we could provide a kit option for the students in my Echoes class. It worked out surprisingly well. Most of the mistakes were ones I made, but most got sorted out fairly quickly.

Echoes was successful enough that we decided to try making ANNEX for E-Week this year.

We both would be very interested in your opinion of ANNEX. Neither of us intends to have ANNEX be a full service needlework shop, only to provide the supplies for my E-Week designs.

We will see how it works out.

So E-Week is drawing to a close and what will come next? Time to stitch! I plan to carry on with Stitch Gay Ann Stash in Shining Needle Society. This year I will lead Stitch Gay Ann Stash in my general classroom at SNS for people working on my designs; I also plan to lead '12 Stitches a Day' in Shining Needle Society's 'Student Lounge'. Let's see if we can all have a productive year until E-Week 2011 rolls around. Heaven forbid the thought!

For now I am going to toddle off to Mail Jail where I expect to live for the better part of a month and a half.

Thank you to everybody who came to E-Week 2010. I hope you will stitch along with us now.
Gay Ann

Friday, October 15, 2010

I am set for tomorrow morning

Finally I am finished and my early morning sale on E-Week's Saturday is ready to go.
Tomorrow 8:00 a.m. California time.

Once I finished, I've been stitching and its nice to keep company with my needle.
Nice to kick back for an hour and unwind.

Till tomorrow morning, then.
I hope it all goes well, hope MacSoph does well. Last year little MacSoph derailed and put up an ad for Apple right in the middle of the sale.

We'll see.
Back to stitching.
Gay Ann

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

E-Week Eve

It is E-Week Eve, the day before my E-Week Sale starts and there's a small lull before the frenzy of trying to post everything correctly. It is all set to go, I just have to check it twice more.

Then I will stay up tonight as long as I can and post it all.
This year it took me just 2 days short of a month to make more than 70 pages in total so far. Poor MacSoph (my computer) is groaning under the weight of it all.

Right now MacSoph and I are at work on my Early Morning Sales for Saturday and Sunday mornings, but not in earnest yet. I won't know which designs I will sell until later today when I close my galleries. For now we have started blocking in pages and getting bits of it all set up.

Then guess what: once I go as far as I can, I am off to look at threads and I plan to stitch today for a good hour or two.
Yippee! It has been a long time since I have had a block of stitching time!

Gay Ann almost set to go

Saturday, October 09, 2010

All four of my galleries are posted

This morning I posted the last of the galleries I made for my Pre-Week celebrations. Although they are not comprehensive, the four galleries do offer an idea of what I stitch.

E-Week, my annual sale of patterns from my archives is only a 4 days away now, with early morning specials on Saturday morning and Sunday morning at 8:00 am each day, California time. I will offer in the Saturday and Sunday specials those designs people have requested most frequently. I haven't made the tally yet; I will in a couple of days. I am wondering which ones.

To visit my galleries:
www.GayAnnRogers and click on the yellow navigation bar.

And enjoy!

For me it is a stroll down memory lane, and what I like thinking about most is this: I am thinking of all the ones I will be able to add in the years to come.

Here's to lots of stitching time!
Gay Ann

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Gallery of Samplers

Late last night I posted a gallery of some of the samplers I have sold at past E-Weeks on my website. I decided to do this because I have some new followers (a happy circumstance) who say they have never seen any of my designs except for the Elizabeth series currently on my website.

In the next few mornings I will continue adding to the gallery. Next up, geometrics, then my girls and last, smalls.
These aren't comprehensive galleries, just a sampling of the designs I have sold in the past.

Gay Ann