Sunday, November 25, 2007

The First Shining Needle Society Cyber Stitch-in

Yesterday afternoon, between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. we had the First Shining Needle Society Cyber Stitch-in.

What is a Cyber Stitch-in?
I set the time frame of 6 hours yesterday afternoon and anyone who wished to participate set aside half an hour (more time if she could afford it), laid aside the tasks of the day, picked up her needle and stitched.

Then many people reported back how long they had stitched and what they had worked on. Three people even got together, ate lunch and stitched for the afternoon.

I myself attended the Cyber Stitch-in. I worked on a project, in fact I took the first stitch on a little project I have been meaning to stitch for a long time. I saw the time as a gift and I felt refreshed. Time set aside for my favorite thing to do.

I am looking forward to many more Cyber Stitch-ins and I hope that many of you who follow my blog will come join me.

Membership in my classroom is open to anyone who would like to join.
My classroom is a part of Shining Needle Society whose directors are Kate Gaunt and Marie-Therese Baker. Shining Needle Society is up to 600 people now and Kate and Marie Therese are looking forward to offering all sorts of different activities in all sorts of classrooms over the next year. Mine is only one of the classrooms.

For an invitation to join, write to

Gay Ann

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shining Needle Society opens my new classroom

For 8 months now I have had a chatroom featuring my Redwork Mystery. My mystery has just finished and I am about to move into a brand new classroom at Shining Needle Society. Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, Shining Needle Society will officially open my new classroom and welcome anyone who wants to join.

I hope you will join me for a series of online projects, classes and play, lots of surprises and along the way small exercises to encourage creativity in needlework. Membership is free, just write to and she will send you an invitation.

At Callaway last year, Jennifer Taylor took a wonderful collage photograph using a small grouping of my projects. I think Jennifer Taylor is nothing short of amazing and the photo she took is my favorite photo ever taken of my work. Clever Kate posted the photo as the logo-photo in my new classroom, so right away I was at home there.

We hope you will come to see one amazing photograph and let us welcome you officially.
See you at Shining Needle Society!

Gay Ann

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Redwork Mystery's Bonus Surprise

Here it is, my little bonus for all of you. It isn't a new scene, rather a way to use any one of the little rooms on the Redwork Mystery.

When I thought it up, I thought the timing would be perfect: it would make a little Christmas present for someone special. And here's the best part: no finishing deadlines because you can do the finishing yourself in about 20 minutes.

I will post the instructions in my Shining Needle Society chat room later on today.
If you would like them, please join Shining Needle Society by writing to Kate Gaunt (
Membership is free and if necessary, Kate will help you with the forms.

I am not posting the instructions on My Blog because they are odd: for the first time in my long career of writing instructions, I have done a simple list with no graphs. If you belong to the chatroom and you have questions, you will have a good support system in there.

Again, thank you one and all for stitching my Redwork Mystery. I thought I would be so happy to see it end, but I am not. I miss the anticipation of unveiling a new room.

SEE you in Shining Needle Society!

Gay Ann

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Redwork Mystery: A Surprise Bonus coming soon!

For all of you who followed my Redwork Mystery, I have a photo of a little Surprise Bonus which I will post late Wednesday or early Thursday.

I will post the photo here. Should you wish to make the the little Bonus, I will post the instructions in my classroom at Shining Needle Society. If you wish to make the ornament, I ask you to join Shining Needle Society by writing to Kate Gaunt (

Membership is free and Kate will help you join.

Gay Ann

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shining Needle Society Reaches 500 People

Good News! Shining Needle Society reached 500 this afternoon! Kate Gaunt emailed me to tell me the news!
Congratulations to the fledgling organization! Wow!

If you are interested in joining, please contact Kate Gaunt (
Membership is free and she will help you register if necessary.

Gay Ann

My Sampler Makers are Finished!

About half an hour ago I finished writing the instructions for the fourth of my Sampler Makers.
They are finished!

(Click on each photo for a larger image)

Gay Ann

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Redwork Mystery's Window #8 is in the mail

I sent off Surprise Window #8 in today's mail, so you should have yours in a few days.

As soon as I start hearing from people that their letters or packets have arrived (in about a week's time), I will post a photo of a little bonus to wrap up my mystery. It is a little add-on surprise for all of you, a way of saying thank you for participating in my mystery.

I will post a photo of the little bonus here; instructions for the bonus will be available in my Shining Needle Society Chat Room.
Please come and join by contacting Kate Gaunt ( Membership is free and Kate will help you.

For the past months my Shining Needle Society chat room has been a support group for my mystery. As those of you who belong can attest, it has been a lively room with lots of photos showing variations people have made of Redwork Mystery.

After I post instructions for my little bonus, my chat room will evolve into a permanent room called 'Gay Ann's Shining Needle Society Class Room.' My classroom will be one of several, as Shining Needle Society becomes an on-line seminar.

Already Janet Casey has joined Shining Needle Society and she will offer two of her Santas for a Christmas-stitching adventure. Early in the New Year Jane Zimmerman and Judy Souliotis will join in and I suggest watching for other well-known teachers also as Shining Needle Society moves forward. All of us will offer projects, ideas, exercises and on-line classes as Shining Needle Society grows.

I hope you will join us for this exciting new stitching adventure.

Gay Ann

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Redwork Mystery: The Complete Sampler Revealed

Here is my Redwork Mystery Cottage with all its rooms in place.
Click on the photo for a larger image.

Thank you for following me for 8 months as the mystery's rooms were revealed.
I will be back with a new mystery soon.
Gay Ann