Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mystery in a Corner, Shining Needle Society and Summer

Jeanne W's completed Mystery in a Corner. Thank you, Jeanne, for letting me use it here.

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us, Mystery in a Corner is winding down as the first completed mysteries trickle in. I have enjoyed the project and most of all, I have enjoyed the response to color.

Mystery in a Corner was a simple geometric. The stitches I used in it were basic, mostly techniques that someone would learn in lesson 2 or 3 of needlepoint. My idea was to take the emphasis off of technique and focus on color and texture. I am pleased it seems to have worked, as most of the discussions in my Shining Needle Society classroom have been about color choices and how they evolve as the stitcher stitches.

So it is approaching the end of Shining Needle's School Term, only one task left: FINAL EXAMS! August 1 is the beginning of Final Exam Month in my classroom at Shining Needle Society. And I have had a very interesting offer having to do with Mystery in a Corner and with its final exam. So stay tuned....

Gay Ann

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Classroom at Shining Needle Society reaches 700!

Today is noteworthy because my classroom at Shining Needle Society reached 700 people.
As it approaches its 10th month, Shining Needle Society itself stands at over 1500 people and it continues to grow every day.

For membership contact Kate Gaunt ( Membership is free.

Gay Ann

Friday, July 18, 2008

Almost Ready for EGA's BIG 50th Celebration!

I am excited to be teaching at EGA's big celebration seminar at the end of August.
I just posted photos and descriptions of the three classes I am teaching at seminar this year on my website.

I am teaching a big four-day sampler, one of my favorite, called A Hundred Flowers, after the poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, a two-day sewing case, a little Townhouse inspired by the row houses in a certain area of London (although many people have told me it looks like New Orleans houses) and a one day Redwork Friendship Sampler. A friend of mine says the little Crinoline Ladies on the Friendship Sampler look like they are the people who live in my Redwork Mystery House from last year. Maybe so.

To see my EGA projects go to and click on 'EGA Classes' on the Navigation Bar.

Right now I am absolutely mired down in Kit preparation and Mail Jail, for in addition to my EGA classes, I have reopened subscription to Mystery in a Corner for people who belong to Shining Needle Society and I have been selling a little perforated paper ornament on my website. It is almost more than I can do, but still nothing like my E-Merchandise Week was last year. That is the most I have ever packed and mailed! I don't know that I could have done it without my DH (whose organizational skills are ever so much better than mine).

This year I think I will do E-Merchandise Week again. I say this with some fear and trepidation, for DH has said that he plans to organize the whole thing this year. Has anyone ever had a husband reorganize the kitchen? Well, you know what I face then.

Meanwhile, on with Kits and Mail Jail.
Gay Ann

Monday, July 14, 2008

One of My Highlights of 2008 and Why

A Newbie just joined Shining Needle Society and she wrote to me asking about Mystery in a Corner. I have been busy all day long answering emails, doing bookkeeping, posting in Yahoo groups and so forth.

I was answering her email, just offhand the way one does, when I stopped and read what I had written. I realized, it did describe how I feel about Mystery in a Corner and what people have done with the pattern.

So here is my note to my Newbie:

"You will catch up and you can read the back posts.
And we look forward to hearing from you!
If you are falling in love with new colors, here is a chance to indulge.
If you have a lot of stash and are on a budget, use your stash!

Just because I used and recommended a watercolours, Impressions, pearl cotton and Kreinik braid doesn't mean you have to use those supplies.
You don't even need an overdye, you can use any Rainbow Gallery threads or any others that you might have.

The whole purpose of Mystery in a Corner is creativity in color and thread choices. You will get VERY high marks from me if you do something totally off the wall with the pattern!

Since you are new, I will write this to you: I am fighting for a field I love, a field that is mired down in technique (the more difficult the better) at the expense of emphasis on design and color. The stitches of Mystery in a Corner are simple, almost couldn't be more basic if they tried, so you can spend all that time focusing on color choices and (in parts 2 and 3) design choices and see how you do.

It has been a high point in my year that people have taken the project to heart and as you can see have done some wonderful things! It is even more heartening that the conversations in my classroom have almost all been about color. I am delighted!

And delighted that you are joining us!
Gay Ann"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mystery in a Corner, Registration Reopened

The beginnings of Kim G.'s Mystery in a Corner, Part 1, is a dramatic one all in Halloween Colors.
The photos show the center started and the center finished. Many people are recording with their cameras the journey of Mystery in a Corner.

We have been having such a lively discussion about colors for Mystery in a Corner in my Shining Needle Society Classroom that I have had a flurry of requests to reopen sales for Mystery in a Corner. If you would like to see a wonderful variety of colors people have used for Mystery in a Corner, Part 1, visit my 'Galleries' on my website, and click on 'Galleries'

Last night I reopened sales for people who belong to Shining Needle Society. If you would like to work Mystery in a Corner and join our conversations about color, write to Kate Gaunt ( for an invitation. Membership is free.

Be sure to visit to see Shining Needle Society's new website.

Gay Ann

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mystery in a Corner in the Mail!

Yesterday afternoon I mailed the last of Mystery in a Corner Part 2 patterns. Most of you should have them by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
Jeanne W. had a little headstart due to an error on my part. Lemons to lemonade: here is a photo of the unfolding of Part 2 for you to enjoy! A little preview of what's in the mail.
Gay Ann

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Continuing Exhibition of Mysteries in a Corner Part 1

An exhibition of Mysteries in a Corner continues on my website. Last night I hung Mysteries in another gallery, so I now have three 'rooms' of beautiful Mysteries. To see the exhibition, visit my website, and click on Gallery, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3.

The photo here is of Zeena M's Mystery, Part 1.
Thank you, Zeena, for sending it.

Gay Ann

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thank you for the Kind Remarks about Shining Needle Society

Here are some nice remarks about Shining Needle Society from its members.
I thought my readership might enjoy them.
Thank you! I am certain that Kate and Marie-Therese are delighted!
Gay Ann

From Barbi S.
I think we are seeing the next evolution in Needlepoint and reaching out to everyone across the continents. It's very cool to be a part of the Shining Needle Society.

From Pierrette P.
I think that Shining Needle Society is one of the best thing to have happened in our stitching world and I am saying that in all sincerity. For way too long we only had narrow options, but now everything has changed as our world has changed and we can use the internet to have access to some wonderful designers/teachers and be able to do great projects without having to leave our house. Only a few can go to all those seminars and the rest of us were left in the cold or so it felt. Now things are slowly changing and that is for the best as I have always believed that the goal should be to reach as many stitchers as possible if we want to keep this art alive and well.

From Sandi N.
I need also to say that I join those who thank you for this opportunity and for bringing the SNS to us. It will be a huge success I am sure! It certainly fills the niche we all are missing when we can't get off to Seminars or when our local groups don't offer us the challenges we seek. So easy and fun to join.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Online Exhibition of Mystery in a Corner Part 1

I just finished hanging my Online Gallery Show of Mystery in a Corner, Part 1 from my Shining Needle Society classroom and I invite you to visit the Gallery. To see the exhibition, go to and click on Gallery. You will find some wonderful color combinations!

And while you are there, do visit Gallery 2 where more Mysteries in a Corner, Part 1 are hanging. In Gallery 2 is work from Pam Douda's stitchers.

For as long as people send me photos of their Mysteries in a Corner, Part 1, I will hang the photos in my Online Gallery.
Please send photos to

And please come join in our conversations about color at Shining Needle Society.
To join Shining Needle Society, visit or write to Kate Gaunt (

SEE you soon I hope!
Happy 4th of July to everyone.

Gay Ann

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Exciting News! My New Website

It is the first of July and I would like to tell you my exciting news!
For my exciting news go to

and see my new website!

Happy Birthday to my new website.
To celebrate its birthday I stitched a small ornament on Vikki Clayton's wonderful 17-count perforated paper and her awesome #8 silk pearl. Details for ordering the little ornament kit are on my page 'Small Designs.'

The price for the kit is $12.00 for my website's birthday month of July.
The kit includes instructions, paper and silk. In addition you will need a partial spool of #8 Kreinik braid.

Gay Ann