Monday, May 12, 2014

CampStitch in the Wilderness

We are e-traveling and have landed in the wilderness where we are camping. The purpose of our trip is to settle down and finish some of our projects without any distractions. My recommendation to my followers is to set aside a few minutes each day and 'travel' to CampStitch with needles in their hands.

I am anxious to hear whether people are accomplishing much in this The Year of the Stitch. I know I have. I've finished six projects since the first of the year and am embarking tonight or tomorrow on two more.

Two of mine are large projects, four are small, and now I plan to start two ornaments for my E-Week Sale in October. That's what I am doing in CampStitch: working on E-Week. Less than 6 months now and E-Week will be here and all that scrambling and hard work.

But for now it is kick back, enjoy life at CampStitch and keep company with my needle.

I hope you will join us and stitch away on whatever projects you wish.
Happy stitching and may you accomplish a lot.
Gay Ann