Sunday, November 02, 2014

Saying Good Bye to E-Week 2014, My Once a Year Needlepoint Sale

E-Week my yearly sale came and now it is almost gone. Tonight it will vanish into history, and what will come next?

Usually MacSoph (my trusty little MacBookPro) and I have a finale to bid farewell to E-Week. One year we had sunsets, last year our eJet flew off into the sunset, and so forth.

This year is different: we have four finales.

The first: a couple of small things left from my Surprise Windows will be for sale tomorrow morning. Only two, to the first people who find and want them.

The second: sigh, I didn't want to start all over again, but I have. You will understand when you see it. Yes, starting all over again, just as we finished!

The third: all through Pre-Week, before E-Week started, we had visits from Mona Lisa in all sorts of garb. I loved all the Mona Lisas, but I saved my very favorite to say good bye to E-Week 2014.

The fourth: every year in the last Early Morning Surprise Window on Sunday of E-Week, I cast a glance to the future year. Two years ago, it was the year of Jane Austen, last year it was The Year of the Stitch and we all tried to work some of the projects languishing in our closets.

This year? The Year of the Romanovs, Opulence and Power. So our Fourth Finale is really the beginning of our year. Watch and see what surprises it brings in the form of a history lesson or two.

All this will unfold in the next few days on Queendom Website. I hope you will follow along:

For quick reference:
www.QueendomWebsite works as well.

Thank you to all of you who came to E-Week this year. It was great fun!
Gay Ann