Friday, October 11, 2013

My Own Brand of Needlework Magic

Two days ago I started a little story that MacSoph and I concocted to celebrate the time leading up to E-Week, my annual sale.

Our tale begins with the photo of a sunset out over our back yard. This morning the tale continues with a photo of our driveway. The driveway has a telephone pole and telephone wires. The telephone pole and wires will enter into the story in a small way.

So far our tale features ordinary photos out of the back of our house (sunset) and out of the front (driveway). Yes, the sunset was a real sunset from our living room window; yes, the driveway really is our driveway.

Tomorrow's image? Well, we would have to admit it is a bit of fanciful fiddling. Ditto the images on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as well. Of particular interest to needle people may be the image on Sunday where shopping opportunities abound, only in a most unusual way.

From tomorrow forward: bit of techie fairy dust.

Please join MacSoph and me for our special Pre-Week Tale on Queendom Website.
For quick reference:

Gay Ann

Monday, October 07, 2013

My Needlework Sale: the Busiest Time of My Year

It's almost here again, my once-a-year E-Week Sale and I get so busy it's al I can do to stay afloat through it.

I look forward to it each year! I have so many little tasks like deciding what to do each year to introduce E-Week. People tell me it's not necessary, that I should just post the designs and save the time it takes MacSoph and me to think up ideas to welcome E-Week. But I would miss that part of it. Each year I've done something inventive, I've learned so much!

And this year is no exception. I have 5 days of a wee story leading up to E-Week's opening this year and in it I have done some of the PhotoShop work I am most proud of. In this year's lead up to E-Week I have re-worked some of the very first scenes I ever made in PhotoShop and I am proud of how far I've come in four years.

One of the scenes is my favorite ever and I hope you will come, follow along and see if you agree.
I am excited about displaying it and if MacSoph and I didn't have so much work to do still, I would wish the day I post it were here now.

Right now on Queendom Website I have a display of my Geometrics from past E-Weeks. I am asking the people in my General Shining Needle Society Classroom to vote which two I will bring back in E-Week's Early Morning Surprise Windows on October 19 and 20. The voting will last through Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, October 10,  my little display and story will start. There will be different images to go along with the story each morning through October 15, and I am, if I do say so, proud of each of the images.

If you would like to follow along, and I hope you will, here's a quick reference:

Remember, Thursday morning, October 10.

E-Week begins at the crack of dawn on Wednesday October 16.