Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Redwork Mystery: Surprise Window #2 is in the Mail

Surprise Window #2 is in the mail!
Kate Gaunt, the Shining Needle Society leader, was visiting with her charming husband (they were on their way to a convention) and I have been busy driving and eating!

My husband volunteered to mail all my packages and envelopes and I thought he was going to take them this morning. He didn't - he was on his way to the bank yesterday and as our bank was right across from the post office, he sent them a day early. I am guessing many of you will have them on Monday or Tuesday.


I hope many of you will still consider joining Shining Needle Society. There is quite a lively conversation going on about my Redwork Mystery. If you wish information, it is posted on earlier messages here on My Blog, or you can write to Kate Gaunt ( and she will send you a personal invitation.

Gay Ann

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Redwork Mystery: Surprise #2 The Bedroom

Hooray, Hooray, it's the First of May
Here is the Bedroom on view today.

For the little window in place on the sampler, see my website: projects.
Click on the photo for an enlargement.

And a new correction. I think I will just print the email from Jane (thank you, Jane):
"I'm finishing my little living room tonight. I notice that the lowest floor board in the photo, the "dotted" one, and the chart don't match. The chart shows the board only part way across the left side of the picture. Should it extend all the way across?"

My answer:
Here's the solution: the right side is correct. Start on the right, follow the chart to the center, then mirror image it. Should come out just like the photo. Usually I don't recommend stitching from the photo (because I often change things when I write the instructions) but this time it works.

Gay Ann