Sunday, June 29, 2014

CampStitch, Swatches of Colors and Shopping for Needlepoint Threads

For nearly two months now my website has been in the wilderness at CampStitch with the hope of stitching through some of our stash.  I figured we would accomplish more if we were away from the pressures of home with little else to do but take nature walks, eat and stitch.

I don't like to camp. I know many people extoll its virtues and I have a sister-in-law who would rather sleep on the ground and hike in the wilderness than be anywhere else, but not me.

So our Campsite has had rooms unlike any I've ever seen at another campsite.

During our stay at CampStitch I tiled the colors of each of our extraordinary rooms and reduced the tiles of each room to five color swatches. I posted the five color swatches on my homepage and asked people from Shining Needle Society to vote for their favorite ones.

I thought the results were most interesting: there was a race between two of the swatches and the other four were left behind in the dust. Ultimately one prevailed but not by many votes.

People who liked the most popular choice wrote that they liked the soothing colors; people who liked the also ran thought the winner was boring. Soothing or boring? See what you think.

For quick reference:

After people at Shining Needle Society chose their favorite, I went to the needlepoint shop and chose some threads to echo the swatches. I plan to post a photo of my choices bright and early tomorrow morning on my home page. When I was choosing the threads yesterday, several people in the needlepoint shop said, ooo, what pretty colors! I thought they were pretty also.

Soothing or boring?
Up to you to tell me tomorrow morning.

Gay Ann