Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cameos are in the NY Times!

Susan Richardson sent me the following link to an article on vintage jewelry and it features cameos.
Thank you, Susan.

To my friends who have written to me about Treasured Remembrance Sampler and all my little cameo samplers, the article in the New York Times mentions some great sources for cameos. Read and enjoy and check out some of the online sources.

As soon as I have my mystery mailings underway I will take a series of photos of some of my favorite cameos and post them here, on my blog. Look for the first photo sometime around the end of March. In the meantime, I have Liz and Ginger coming for a week, Goddess starts on March 1 and after that, I have a zillion mysteries to mail.

If you have a favorite cameo, email me a photo of her and I will see if I can figure out how to post her on my blog.
If any of you from my pilot class and from Callaway have finished Treasured Remembrance, email me a photo and I will see if I can post it on my blog.

The time has come to celebrate cameos!

Gay Ann

Friday, February 16, 2007

Suggestions for Using Overdyed Thread on My Redwork Mystery

Several of you have written to me about using overdyed thread for my Redwork Mystery and I have a couple of comments:

1. If you decide to use an overdyed thread, be prepared to "edit" (ie remove) those parts of the thread too light in value. For the design to work well, you need a good contrast between thread and ground fabric.

2. If you decide to use an overdyed thread, you may wish to find a couple of solid-dyed colors to use along with the overdyed thread. For example, you may wish at times you could extend a certain part of the overdyed thread before it evolves into the next color. The easiest way to make this extension is with a solid-dye the same color. If you do this carefully, everyone will think you were just lucky and got a "long run" of just the perfect color.

3. Before you start the pattern be certain to work "The Thread Test"
For "The Thread Test" see my comments in Supplies for My Redwork Mystery, posted earlier on My Blog.

Gay Ann

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Photo of Part 1 of My New Redwork Mystery

A couple of you have written to me asking about a photo of Part 1 of my new Redwork Mystery.
If you wish to see a photo, go to my website, www.GayAnnRogers.com/group projects.

All other information for ordering the mystery is here, on my blog.

Thanks to you who have written.

Gay Ann

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Hint about My Redwork Mystery

I finally thought up a hint about my Redwork Mystery that I can tell those of you who have been writing to me:
IF YOU LIKE my sampler called "The Guardian Angels of Hollyhock House" you will like my Redwork Mystery :-)
There, that's all I will say.

If you want to see Hollyhock House, go to www.GayAnnRogers.com/samplers and look for the big house with 2 Angels over it.

Less than a month to go....
Gay Ann

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Information about My New Redwork Mystery: How It Works and How to Order It

A Reminder: It is February 1, only a month to go until the registration deadline for my new mystery.

My new mystery is a Redwork Sampler with an English Thatched Cottage in the center "window" and 8 surprise windows around the cottage. A photo of Part 1, the cottage and the dividing bands is posted on my website: www.GayAnnRogers.com/group projects.
This mystery will also be available from Elegant Stitch (website: wwwelegantstitch.com; Lois' email: lois@elegantstitch.com) and all supplies will also be available from Elegant Stitch, should you wish them.

Registration is open until March 1, '07.
By March 15,, '07 I will mail Part 1 which includes the cottage, the dividing bands, a stitch glossary for the surprise windows and a color copy of the cottage and dividing bands (similar to the copy on my website).

By April 5, '07, I will post a photo of the first surprise window on my blog, and by April 16 (a day late because of tax day) I will mail a small color copy and the instructions for the first surprise window.

By May 5, I will post a photo of the second surprise window and mail it by May 15; I will post and mail surprise windows on a monthly schedule for a total of 9 mailings.

Ground fabric: congress cloth or 28-count linen.
Because much of the sampler is worked in Cross Stitch over 1 Mesh and Double-Running Stitch, the stitches look sufficiently delicate on either of these grounds. There is no need to work on a finer ground than 28-count linen unless you just can't resist.

Now is the time to be a bit creative. The entire sampler is worked in a single color, so choose a color you love! Just be sure the color is strong enough that a single ply stitched in Double-Running Stitch shows up well against the ground.

Use Silk (Au Ver a Soie or Needlepoint Inc.) or floss. Either will work well.

For single subscribers: $45.00 for all 9 parts, plus $12.00 postage ($4.00 for Part 1; $1.00 for each window).
For groups of 10 or more with a single mailing to a leader: per person, $39.00 for all 9 parts, plus $10.00 postage.

After March 1, '07 there will be a price increase.

For single subscribers: send name, address and email to: Gay Ann Rogers (GARRogers@earthlink.net) or to
Lois Mouriski (Lois@elegantstitch.com).

For groups of 10 or more: send leader's name, address and email to: Gay Ann Rogers (GARRogers@earthlink.net) or to
Lois Mouriski (Lois@elegantstitch.com).

Payment in full is due by March 1, '07.

Gay Ann