Monday, August 19, 2013

Where My Needlepoint intersects with the Geeky World

Oh my, I didn't realize a whole month had passed since I've written a post for my blog.

That's because I spent more than a month in class at Apple University. It was my way of saying good bye to a favorite Apple tutor who has been my web mainstay for 4 years. Saying goodbye is always bittersweet.

The best way to counter a bit of grief is to dream up a new fantasy and that's exactly what I decided to do. For my final lesson with my tutor, I returned to my roots with him:  I dusted off Queendom Website's e-jet  stored in a closet for nearly 4 years and for one last time we visited PhotoShop with its world of selections and layer masks and all those good things that make PhotoShop a challenge.

Queendom Website's e-jet  last flew in August 2009, four years ago this month and I don't think I have visited the images of the jet in almost 4 years. But for my last lesson we pulled the jet out of its closet, dusted it off and planned to remodel it. The first steps for a very ambitious fantasy.

And during that last class I reflected on my whole computer journey.

I bought my first MacSoph almost 6 years ago and I've been delving into the mysteries of  MacSoph's world ever since. Going on SIX years I've been trying to learn about this small machine. Patience isn't my strong suit and my appraisal is that I should know a lot more about MacSoph than I do.

Probably the most lasting impression of my final lesson with my tutor and my biggest surprise when I looked at those PhotoShop files of 2009 was indeed how far I have come.

As I worked on those old files, I remembered how difficult PhotoShop seemed then. It's not that I am a master of PhotoShop now (it's scary how far I am from fulfilling that claim), but I have come a long way. I see now that in those four years I've learned how to do things better, more easily and certainly more efficiently. It was a great way to say goodbye to my tutor and a great validation for my years with him.

So now you know that MacSoph and I have unfurled and dusted off Queendom Website's e- jet.
But why? Where exactly are we headed?

The answers to those questions will remain a secret for a while longer. Till Sunday Morning's final Surprise Window at E-Week in October.

Less than two months to go! MacSoph and I had better use our time wisely for we have a lot to do.

Goodbye, Cody, and thank you for my years with you. MacSoph and I shall greatly miss you. Go off, be your most brilliant self. Study hard, excel and live your life well.