Friday, February 10, 2017

Needlepoint Hearts etc. Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017

Tomorrow morning a sale on my website starts at 8:00 a.m. California time.

It is my traditional Hearts Sale (there are five hearts: four new ones and one returning) but with a new twist: the sale also offers a small cache of accouterments preparing for the arrival of my portrait of Eleanor of Aquitaine on May 1. These are small preparations for stitching Eleanor.

In addition Carolyn Meacham is selling a handful of antique needlework tools in my sale, including a small number of antique stilettos which we modern stitchers use as laying tools. There are a couple of gorgeous ones!

My sale is a small one; E-Week last October dragged on and on over a series of months and it actually finished finally (FINALLY!) at the end of January this year. So I am very happy my Hearts Sale is a small one. My goal is to finish the sale, Mail Jail and all,  by March 1.

If I can finish by March 1 and pack everything away, I will have two months of stitching time before Eleanor arrives. I am happy to say that the kits for Eleanor are finished and ready to go, so the time between my Hearts Sale and Eleanor will indeed belong to me. Two months stitching time! Makes me very happy to think about it.

So what do I plan to stitch? Two large samplers and also a secret project. It is secret because it is very ambitious and I have to see if I can actually do it. Both samplers are ambitious too, adaptations from an antique sampler I bought last year, but I have been working on the sampler patterns and I can see my way to doing them.

Meanwhile, back to work. I have a busy day today checking everything and making sure it is ready to go for tomorrow morning.

Gay Ann