Friday, July 21, 2006

My New Mystery and its Progress

Thanks, Zeena, for writing.

Thanks too, Ginger, for the comments on my mystery.

I have finished stitching the mystery and I have only a few more days to go on the instructions. After I finish writing them, I am going to take some time and think how to handle the whole thing. Right now I am inclined to mail everything out, but to post a little photo of each month's mystery window on my website right before the mailing. As I am new to the idea of cyber classes, I think I will back into the idea slowly.

Next week if I make progress on seminar preparations, I will work on the description of the mystery and will post it here.

Again, thanks for your comments.

Gay Ann


~ stitchwitched ~ said...

I am eagerly awaiting details on your latest mystery sampler ... I KNOW I want to sign up! ;>) I've also recently checked out your new website, and am very interested in obtaining the charts for the Redwork Cat Sampler and the sampler in The Bard's Corner. Please let me know where I can order these ... ? ;>)

Gay Ann Rogers said...

Thanks for your note.
I am selling Redwork Cat Sampler pattern at ANG Tucson, Expo (merchandise night). If you would like one, let me know.

As for the little sampler in The Bard's Corner, it is new and I haven't written the instructions for it yet. On down the line...

Gay Ann

Sandy said...


I love your designs! In your discription you say you use one color of thread. Does your design need to be in a solid color or could you use a varigated thread.

Gay Ann Rogers said...

You could use a variegated or overdyed thread but not one of great contrast. Think of it this way: what works for the cottage will work for the whole design.

Gay Ann