Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Hint about the Surprise Windows in My Redwork Mystery?

Several people have written asking for a hint about the Surprise Windows in my new mystery. They want to know if the windows hold stitch patterns or little motifs, or just what.

I'll never tell!
But I did say this to each: I don't think you will be disappointed!
My only reluctance in making this project a mystery is that the final piece looks so much more interesting when the windows are all filled in.

Still, I'll never tell. Not even a hint.
Gay Ann


Zembroider said...

Gee, we have to wait intil March to know even 1 detail? Hardly seems fair. Not even 1 teeny,tiny.'iddie', biddy hint??
Do we use perle Cotton?

Gay Ann Rogers said...

Yes, you have to wait till March for the secrets to unfold!

But I will tell you about the thread: No, no pearl cotton, only floss or silk. Only one type of thread, only one color (unless you want to add another).

Gay Ann