Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Idea and Something to Shop For

I am home again from Callaway which was just super! I have such a good time at Callaway each year and this year was no exception. Callaway is absolutely my FAVORITE venue. In a couple of days I will write more about my 2 sessions this year, also about Flora in the exhibit and lots of other tidbits.

I was running errands today. Most of my ideas come to me as I am driving down Mission Bay Blvd and so it happened there again. I have to see if my idea is feasible but a teensy part of the idea will be on the market for only a very short time (the teensy part is related to Valentine's Day).

In case you would like to follow the progress of my idea and are interested in the first small part, go to your nearest Hallmark store and ask for the "Miniature Measuring Tape" called "Love can't be measured." It is a dear little red heart-shaped tape measure in a faux leather case and it costs $10.00. I have mine sitting here right in front of me.

To be continued...

Gay Ann


murphy's mom said...

Crap, we don't have a Container Store near us. I contacted their web site and they said not all the stores carry everything so I would have to contact each store to find what you bought. Hallmark here in my town doesn't have the little tape measurer and the Hallmark site said the same thing. Even after I "threatened" them that angry needlework women run with scissors and don't play nice sometime. :)

Gay Ann Rogers said...

On line I found a little heart-shaped tape measure

This looks to be a little red plastic tape measure.

I will keep looking...
Gay Ann