Sunday, July 01, 2007

Redwork Mystery: Surprise #4, The Kitchen

Here is a Kitchen to add to your house. I can't remember who, but someone said I wouldn't include a kitchen. Well, I did! Fitting that I included a kitchen for July so that there is a place for all the hamburgers and hot dogs. You will have to look through the kitchen window to see the barbeque, though.

I will mail patterns after the holidays, probably on July 8th or 9th and will post a note on my blog when they are in the mail.

You now know what half of the Surprise Windows are. Four more to go, including my favorite one. Anybody wish to guess what the four will be?

Gay Ann

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EMBESTE said...

If I had to guess at the other 4 rooms, I would guess a dining room, a nursery, a library, and a sewing room.

I am really enjoying this piece!