Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shining Needle Society opens my new classroom

For 8 months now I have had a chatroom featuring my Redwork Mystery. My mystery has just finished and I am about to move into a brand new classroom at Shining Needle Society. Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, Shining Needle Society will officially open my new classroom and welcome anyone who wants to join.

I hope you will join me for a series of online projects, classes and play, lots of surprises and along the way small exercises to encourage creativity in needlework. Membership is free, just write to and she will send you an invitation.

At Callaway last year, Jennifer Taylor took a wonderful collage photograph using a small grouping of my projects. I think Jennifer Taylor is nothing short of amazing and the photo she took is my favorite photo ever taken of my work. Clever Kate posted the photo as the logo-photo in my new classroom, so right away I was at home there.

We hope you will come to see one amazing photograph and let us welcome you officially.
See you at Shining Needle Society!

Gay Ann

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