Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Term arrives at Shining Needle Society

This morning I posted the beginning of a new term in my classroom at Shining Needle Society. It is about a gift from you to you. Gather together three threads and a scrap of canvas, wrap them up from you to you and on Christmas morning the assignment will arrive via Shining Needle Society post.

It is a simple, easy little exercise to kick off the new term in my classroom.

New Year's Resolution Ornament #2 will arrive on New Year's Day and it is geared toward the focus of our class term too, then I will announce the year's project, likely at Callaway (where I will be January 10-21).

At Callaway we are planning a little impromptu class for New Year's Resolution Ornament #2 one evening each session at Callaway, so bring your stretcher bars (8" x 8" minis) and thumb tacks. Pam will have kits for all who wish them, so not to worry about supplies.

Then when we are back from Callaway Pam and Kim will put together color photos of combinations for New Year's Resolution Ornament #2 and I will for certain post them on my website,

Meanwhile, come join us at Shining Needle Society and kick off the new term! Write to Kate Gaunt ( Membership in Shining Needle Society as well as in my classroom there is free.

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