Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Week of Celebrating My Website's Anniversary

I am indeed celebrating my website's first anniversary.

Here is the new design I posted on my website 2 days ago, a geometric called Summer Sunshine. This is the first time I have sold the pattern.

Yesterday I posted an ornament from last year, the very first thing I sold on my website. I brought it back for sale in 'Small Designs'.

Today I posted a story about my year at Apple and about my first tutor there, Brian.

Tomorrow I will post my progress on 12 Stitches a Day. At the end of three weeks I have made some genuine progress, in fact I am in line tomorrow morning to finish one of the little pieces of the sewing case.

Then Monday comes a surprise! A little video which lasts for 2.5 minutes. I shot it at EGA's Regional Seminar last June and I just love it if I do say so! Am I a wonderful movie maker? Absolutely not! But my subject makes the video!

So here I am, celebrating my website's anniversary and having a great time doing it!
Gay ann

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MARYLOU said...

I just started 12 stitches a day yesterday. Decided after reading your blog that I was going to 'liberate' myself on July 4th to do that. I acquired two 11 wk old kittens a week ago so 12 stitches is just about all I can get done until they realize I've got THREAD!!! Thanks for the great suggestion!!