Thursday, October 15, 2009

E-Week Eve and Day 1

E-Week Eve was one of those beautiful fall days in Southern California! Bright sun, blue ocean and a nip in the air.

I actually finished Queendom Website late on Tuesday afternoon and DH said, why not go out to dinner and celebrate!
We went to our local bookstore and browsed awhile then to a restaurant new to us and great! We were home again about 8:00 and I was all excited about E-Week. It was like I was 7 years old again on Christmas Eve.

I watched the time. I had hoped to stay up till midnight. Kate was helping -- she was writing emails, so we were busy having an E-Conversation and I was busy checking everything.

At 10:20 I started posting everything and by 10:30 it was all live. I checked it and Kate checked it and we found some errors, so I changed some things, then shut down MacSoph (my computer) who had been working so hard.

The next morning (yesterday) I woke up thinking just how magical E-Week Eve had been. What is it that makes a basically ordinary day seem like magic? I am not certain. Just the mood, I guess, the lull before activity, maybe just the beauty of the day.

Yesterday, Day 1, was a scramble and MacSoph and I hit it hard. Questions, corrections, re-do's and in the midst, my cleaning lady was here. That is always a scramble because I have TOO MUCH STUFF!

So I fled for an hour and some. I went to a favorite bead shop and came home with new ideas. New Ideas are always magic to me! And beads. I have too many beads! I would have to live to be 650 to use all my beads, but I added to the stash yesterday.
Home again and emails into the evening.

And today? I am working all day on my Special Sales for Saturday and Sunday mornings. These sales began 3 E-Weeks ago on my blog and now they are a tradition. It is lively and a scramble, but I love doing it!

I have neglected blogging in the first year of Queendom Website. My website took all of my attention, but now I have decided I should return to blogging a bit.

Gay Ann

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