Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Hearts Sale Ends Tomorrow

For the last couple of weeks I have had a small sale of hearts (four of them to be exact) on my website. It finishes tomorrow at 6:00 pm or as soon as I take it down. I say 'as soon as I take it down' because DH wants to go to the movies at just about the time my Hearts Sale is supposed to end.

Someone asked me why I don't keep sales going on my website all the time; my answer is a simple one: Time. There is another component too: Organization. The two are linked together, as in, it takes a lot of Time to stay Organized and keep on top of these sales. So I do them, but not all the time.

I enjoyed my Hearts Sale and have started thinking about next year already. I finished one new heart this February and have some more drawings set to go. Hearts are fun to stitch because they don't take months and months; usually I start one and in a few evenings it's finished. It takes a few days to write the instructions and then I can move on to another.

So how do I plan to end my sale? By announcing next year's Hearts Sale and asking for a bit of help. I have been at work in PhotoShop and have a question I hope my classroom at Shining Needle Society will help me answer. All for Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the Time Factor is rearing its ugly head: on with four months of writing instructions for seminars.

Gay Ann

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