Monday, June 28, 2010

Tomorrow: A New Techniques Column on My Website

One time I was having breakfast with a number of needlework friends at our very favorite breakfast haunt (best Eggs Benedict in all its variations around, but that's another story).

Much of the discussion was about painted canvases for needlepoint, and one friend turned to me and made a comment that I didn't do painted canvases, therefore was rather left out of the discussion. I realized then something I hadn't thought about before: my friend sees a dichotomy.

I don't see the dichotomy. Painted canvas or counted canvas, it is basically all the same to me.

I suppose that's from my designer point of view. I suppose the difference comes in that the stitcher has more obvious latitude on a painted canvas to choose stitches and threads, and it is precisely that latitude that is the subject of my Techniques 11 column.

Tomorrow morning: and click on Techniques, then on Techniques 11.

Gay Ann

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Possibilities, Etc. said...

"The eye of the beholder" etc. It matters not that you don't stitch painted canvas. good taste is good taste. I don't do "counted" (but I count on my painted canvases designs for symmetry), but I can tell the difference between ugly looking counted work and fine looking counted work.