Friday, July 09, 2010

Goop Be Gone, coming in the spring

When I found myself in a day-long conversation about Goop a few days ago, I wanted sooo badly to pursue the concept and what to do about it right now but Reality reared her ugly head. My work load is maxed out.

In the spring!

In the spring I will do it and I can't wait! A class called 'Goop be Gone'. I want to tackle the subject of painted canvases, how to buy them, plan for them and what to do with them.

Here's what Goop be Gone won't be: I won't write a stitch guide for someone. What would be the point? I want to show people how to look at a painted canvas, understand its structure and what it asks for. I want people to explore what kinds of stitchers they are and learn to choose appropriate canvases for themselves. I want to take a close look at how and why one chooses threads and stitches.

I would like people to understand the idea that stitches and threads don't live in isolation; they live in a community and you have to consider the whole community before you add a new member. Choosing threads and stitches is not arbitrary; there has to be a reason and each has to serve the purpose of advancing the design.

So in the spring Goop be Gone will arrive and I will see if I can make a bit of a difference.

Gay Ann


Debby said...

I understood what you meant by "Goop" in your first post. I know I've always been afraid of a lovely painted canvas - a fear of not doing the right thing, doing too much, not doing enough. I think this spring class is just what someone like me needs!!

I'll watch your blog for more information in the spring!

LIZ said...

Bless you, Gay Ann Rogers! Personally, I rarely do painted canvases, I am a charted needlepoint person. However, I see them all the time, and wish help for those who stitch them. And I think it will also help those of us who like to change the charted patterns we stitch. I can't wait!

Sylvia said...

Gay Ann, I look forward to the class in the spring but I will be seeing you in Echos of Elizabeth. Have a great summer.

Gay Ann Rogers said...

Hi back to all of you and thank you for leaving your comments. If I help even a teensy bit I will be happy -- sometimes when I look at what our needlepoint world loves, I weep for a field I love and have been a part of since I was young (which was a long time ago).

I look forward to the spring and I hope I can do some good.

Gay Ann

Front Range Stitcher said...

I'm looking forward to you taking this on!