Monday, February 20, 2012

Tomorrow: the official end of my needlepoint hearts sale

My actual hearts sale ended a week ago and Queendom Website came alive with Hearts Sale Annex as Kate Gaunt sold the supplies packets for all the hearts. Tomorrow is the last day for hearts supplies; tomorrow evening or early Wednesday morning Queendom Website will change -- and for me it will mark the beginning of Queendom Website's transition. Yes, a new castle is coming, a new home for Queendom Website. We hope.

It has been rocky. I know the rocky ups and downs come from using a website program in beta. Just in transition from beta 5 to beta 6, poor MacSoph was brutalized. She and I are up and running again and hopefully it won't be more than a couple of months more.

So what about Queendom Website in the next couple of months, during the period of transition?

I would like to bring back my 'For Beginners' articles and perhaps add a couple of techniques columns.

I will definitely write about more from eBay if eBay comes up with collectors' goodies worth bidding on, hopefully lots of vintage and antique scissors and thimbles and stilettos and little hemmeasures, all sorts of goodies for sewing cases. I hope to write about cameos again, and some bits of laces and linens as I have an idea what to do with them now that I am a linen devotee.

Ahh, yes, linen! The focus of my spring will be on Legacy Linen as I continue work on a spot sampler and what else but a couple of new hearts. Mostly my linen pursuits are aimed at my Elizabeth class at Shining Needle Society. I stitched my Elizabeth portrait on congress cloth but now I am curious how it would work on linen. Maybe some brave souls will try.

Why the linen fetish of late, after a lifetime on canvas and congress cloth? A while back I had an idea for a sampler that I became convinced would work best on linen. I tried a 25 count linen that was simply too wiggly but now I have found Legacy Linen 25 and it is a joy to work on! I have all sorts of plans ahead, just need chunks of time to work on them.

So as Kate begins to pack up Annex from my hearts sale, I raise a champagne glass filled with orts and toast the coming months of transition as we begin to move Queendom Website, MacSoph and I.

Drugery? I am sure. As anybody connected with them knows, computers can drive one nutsss. But not only drudgery; there will be joy too! To me months ahead with at least some time to stitch always bring joy.

So for spring this year, my favorite time of year, I need some luck -- a lot of luck -- and my needle will provide a lot of joy.

Gay Ann


Sylvia said...

Gay Ann, Yes transitions are painful but when we come out on the other side we are stronger. Your website conversion will have its ups and downs but result in a beautiful new kingdom. Your transition to linen will be joyful. I have been a linen and even weave stitcher for many years and I love the change in the feel and weight of the fabric as it becomes covered in fiber. Even weave and cross stitch is where I started so using canvas was an adjustment for me. I have come to love it but I still love to do cross stitch and embroidery on even weave and linen. I am currently working on a drawn thread class that was designed for congressa cloth but I am doing it on 25 count linen. I am loving it. It you have not used Q-snaps you might want to try them. They are great when working on softer ground cloths.

Miss Smartypants said...

Gay, I just found your blog. Sorry about the typing but I use an iPad.(most of the time I am stuck in bed). I am strictly a needlepointer so wish i had found you sooner. I have vision problems as well so anything smaller than 18 ct is hard for me. But needlepointers I have found are the best people and I am certain we can be neeedlepoint friens. I will be at the ANG convention i live outside of Philly so email me and hopefully we can get together. I am surr everything will work out for you. As my 89 year old mother says take it one day at a time

Sharon Zotti