Friday, May 11, 2012

Exciting Day for MacSoph and Me

Today turned into a very exciting day for MacSoph and me: our new web program came out of beta and into general release, new today.

In a scant couple of weeks I start my Elizabeth class and I expect my Elizabeth class will run until it is time for my windup to E-Week, so MacSoph and I won't be moving Queendom Website anytime soon, but the program is here and it is ours now, and MacSoph and I can learn and practice lots, and then one day we will indeed move Queendom Website.

I considered staying with iWeb on a third party server indefinitely, until Apple's OS no longer supported it,  but I confess I love the look of my new website. It is a lot like my old one, but with some new twists and graphics and a bit of a face lift, and it should work more easily for most people. It is a more powerful program and I love the flexibility. It is just more difficult and we have to study, MacSoph and I.

Exciting! Geeky, I know, but exciting nonetheless.

And to it add the new versions of PhotoShop and Illustrator.

So this weekend I plan to stitch and study, stitch and study, and maybe go to the movies with DH. Maybe.

Gay Ann


Grace said...

My choice for my personal site is to stay with iWeb hosted on a 3rd party server. I admire all your hard work and the effort you are going to, to ensure that the Queendom site is perfect!

Gay Ann Rogers said...

Hi Grace,

Thank you! I will stay with iWeb for a while, but I want to move to my new site soon as I am up to speed. I believe it is an improvement and an upgrade.

Gay Ann

Cyn said...

Good luck learning all of the new technology. I know you can do it! :-)

Oh, if you are going to the movies go see The Avengers. Terrific movie! Can't wait to go see it again when DD gets home from college in a week.

Windy Meadow