Saturday, July 20, 2013

Continuing Work on

I have been working on and I'm happy to report that I have posted new photos. I am very pleased to say that I did the last photos all on my own. Are they perfect? No, but I am thankful for small triumphs: the links work and the pages are seeable and readable.

I will get better with time. We all do, don't you think?

Even if you are not interested in my coding struggles (and struggles they often are), I promise that what the code has helped me post is indeed worth a trip to!
and click on 'Jane Austen' on the navigation bar.

When you arrive at Jane's page, you will see my biggest triumph: 3 images all lined up neatly and clickable, yes working links indeed!

Click on one of the links and I promise you photos and descriptions of some of my most-loved needlework treasures.

Under the first thumbnail: a small French box with gold needlework tools.

Under the second thumbnail: a French piano with silver needlework tools and, fitting for its subject, a music box that (on a good day) plays two tunes. (If you were 200 years old, you'd struggle to play both your tunes also).

Under the third thumbnail: an English traveling needlework box covered in black leather, with outstanding brass appointments.

For now that is as far as I have gotten. The practice is helping me learn, so my plan is to add a collection of photos each week.

So far I have been working on Needlework Tools from the era of Jane Austen and I have another two or three pages almost ready to publish.

After I finish with a few more needlework tools, I will turn to linens, where I have many more pieces of lace, at least a dozen Ayrshire Christening dresses and countless other pieces of whitework.

My Apple tutor Cody asked me the other day how many pages I thought MyNeedleworkBox would have if I were to complete it.. I thought for a while and said, 'if I do everything, probably 1000'. That means, if I post a page of photos each week, it will take me 1000 weeks. 52 weeks in a year, it will take me almost 20 years!

I'll have to rethink the number of pages, won't I. And now you understand a part of the reason our house groans under the weight of all the things I've collected. And that's before we start counting DH's books and all my needlework supplies.

But it was a big heady feeling of triumph when I got those three thumbnails to line up on Jane Austen's page. Small happinesses.

Gay Ann

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