Friday, July 18, 2014

Blog Stitching on Queendom Website

When exactly do the dog days of summer start? I think of them as August, but this year it seems like August has come early. These days are hot and muggy now, typical August weather.

A couple of days ago I cut up a square of gray 18-mesh canvas, mounted it on stretcher bars, chose a turquoise pearl cotton and started a new little geometric. I was just fiddling.

I like the turquoise start so I went in search of some more threads, organized some thoughts about the small geometric and decided to while away the dog days of summer on Queendom Website by 'blog stitching'.

To watch my progress, follow along by clicking on
Or will work also.

I like the start, with the turquoise on gray. Now I'll see if I like how the other threads work as well.

Nice way to while away the days.
Gay Ann

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