Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Among My Hearts this February is Imperial Emeralds Heart

It's almost time for my hearts to arrive; they will be here bright and early on Thursday morning, February 12.

Featured in my sale will be the first heart of a series of six called 'Imperial Jeweled Hearts'.
The first one is the most decorated and glittery heart I've ever stitched; it is Imperial Emeralds Heart and I made it to commemorate the over-the-top jewels of the Romanovs.

I can't imagine emeralds the size that Catherine the Great wore!

My emeralds aren't real but they do sparkle! My diamonds aren't real either, but like the emeralds they do sparkle too! My pearls are real in in all sorts of sizes and together with my emeralds and diamonds they are very glittery.

I particularly enjoyed my series of Imperial Jeweled Hearts. Usually my work is more restrained, but restraint was not the order of the day, making a statement was. I hope you will stop by Queendom Website on Thursday morning and see my 'statement jeweled heart'. Perhaps I should have named it Statement Heart.

What about the other five jeweled hearts?

They will arrive sprinkled as surprise treats throughout 2015 in celebration of the arrival of Catherine the Great on Queendom Website. She arrives on her birthday, May 2.

When I started posting about my needlepoint portrait of Catherine the Great, it was months and months away! When I posted on New Year's Day it was 5 months away. Now I am writing again and it is only 2 1/2 months away. I had better get busy because Catherine will be arriving before I know it.

How does time pass so fast!
Gay Ann


AllieDal said...

Are you going to allow people outside the U.S. to take Catherine? Is it going to be held on SNS? Some of us who are outside the U.S. have stitched Elizabeth. Someone told me, and I have seen it on your site, that you will not ship outside the U.S. I was going to order the Emerald Heart but didn't because of the U.S. only notation.

Be very sad that you would be disappointing your international fans.

Gay Ann Rogers said...

I have been grappling with trying to send Catherine outside the U.S. I have it on my conscience that those of you who stitched Elizabeth should have a chance to do Catherine too.

I decided to deal with you one at a time and see what I can do about shipping outside the U.S. Once you see her and decide if you would like to stitch her, please email me: GayAnnRogers.com and we'll take it from there.