Saturday, December 31, 2016

The End of the Stitching Year, The Beginning of the New

It doesn't seem possible to me that 2016 ends tonight. Where did the time go?
Wherever, it is gone, and it is a reminder that 2017, so full of promise now as I look ahead, will vanish almost as quickly.

I ended this year working on a couple of holiday hearts; I will begin next year finishing a set of instructions and working on some small kits for my February Sale. But these tasks won't take too long and when I finish them, my time will belong to me.

My big event in 2017 will be the arrival of my portrait of Eleanor of Aquitaine on May 2, 2017.
The good news is that Eleanor is finished and proofed and the kits are almost finished. All I have to do is print the instructions and check the kits.

In addition I have a great start on E-Week 2017 which is still 10 months away.

All this means I will have time to stitch. I should have at least 3 months stitching time this spring.
So what do I plan to do?
Stitch two samplers, maybe even a third one.
And I plan to keep at my followers to stitch along with me.

To begin the New Year, I've written TWO sets of New Years Resolutions for Stitchers.
I will post them on my website near midnight tonight and we will start the year right, with our needles in our hands. Bright and early tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year! Here's hoping the New Year is indeed filled with time in the company of our needles.

Gay Ann


jhm said...

I look forward to Eleanor. She's my ancestor - part of the line to William the Conqueror as well as Charlemagne. Strong woman - excellent example for women.


CK said...

Thank you so much for your Resolutions Lists. I think you wrote List #2 just for me. With chronic health issues I needed to have a plan for needlework, and you handed it to me in a simple list.


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