Friday, February 16, 2007

Suggestions for Using Overdyed Thread on My Redwork Mystery

Several of you have written to me about using overdyed thread for my Redwork Mystery and I have a couple of comments:

1. If you decide to use an overdyed thread, be prepared to "edit" (ie remove) those parts of the thread too light in value. For the design to work well, you need a good contrast between thread and ground fabric.

2. If you decide to use an overdyed thread, you may wish to find a couple of solid-dyed colors to use along with the overdyed thread. For example, you may wish at times you could extend a certain part of the overdyed thread before it evolves into the next color. The easiest way to make this extension is with a solid-dye the same color. If you do this carefully, everyone will think you were just lucky and got a "long run" of just the perfect color.

3. Before you start the pattern be certain to work "The Thread Test"
For "The Thread Test" see my comments in Supplies for My Redwork Mystery, posted earlier on My Blog.

Gay Ann

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