Thursday, February 01, 2007

Information about My New Redwork Mystery: How It Works and How to Order It

A Reminder: It is February 1, only a month to go until the registration deadline for my new mystery.

My new mystery is a Redwork Sampler with an English Thatched Cottage in the center "window" and 8 surprise windows around the cottage. A photo of Part 1, the cottage and the dividing bands is posted on my website: projects.
This mystery will also be available from Elegant Stitch (website:; Lois' email: and all supplies will also be available from Elegant Stitch, should you wish them.

Registration is open until March 1, '07.
By March 15,, '07 I will mail Part 1 which includes the cottage, the dividing bands, a stitch glossary for the surprise windows and a color copy of the cottage and dividing bands (similar to the copy on my website).

By April 5, '07, I will post a photo of the first surprise window on my blog, and by April 16 (a day late because of tax day) I will mail a small color copy and the instructions for the first surprise window.

By May 5, I will post a photo of the second surprise window and mail it by May 15; I will post and mail surprise windows on a monthly schedule for a total of 9 mailings.

Ground fabric: congress cloth or 28-count linen.
Because much of the sampler is worked in Cross Stitch over 1 Mesh and Double-Running Stitch, the stitches look sufficiently delicate on either of these grounds. There is no need to work on a finer ground than 28-count linen unless you just can't resist.

Now is the time to be a bit creative. The entire sampler is worked in a single color, so choose a color you love! Just be sure the color is strong enough that a single ply stitched in Double-Running Stitch shows up well against the ground.

Use Silk (Au Ver a Soie or Needlepoint Inc.) or floss. Either will work well.

For single subscribers: $45.00 for all 9 parts, plus $12.00 postage ($4.00 for Part 1; $1.00 for each window).
For groups of 10 or more with a single mailing to a leader: per person, $39.00 for all 9 parts, plus $10.00 postage.

After March 1, '07 there will be a price increase.

For single subscribers: send name, address and email to: Gay Ann Rogers ( or to
Lois Mouriski (

For groups of 10 or more: send leader's name, address and email to: Gay Ann Rogers ( or to
Lois Mouriski (

Payment in full is due by March 1, '07.

Gay Ann

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