Monday, April 02, 2007

Guild Teacher Certification

Lately on the ANG List several people have discussed certification and its value. I could not resist writing about it, so I posted the following note on the ANG List and decided to post it here too.

Gay Ann

Comments on Certification

Although I am certified by EGA, I do not know whether this has helped me with teaching jobs, either when I started or now that I have been teaching for a long time.

I can think of half a dozen needlework teachers whose wonderful classes and beautiful projects made them stand out as the icons of the age. As I look back on it, some were certified, some weren't. I don't think it mattered. The content and presentation were what mattered.

More important, as I look back, I think of Newton's concept of standing on the shoulders of giants. More important to consider the legacy some of these legendary teachers left us than to fuss about certification.

Gay Ann Rogers


Zembroider said...

So true. People learn in very different ways, and have different ways of looking at things. It's just my opinion, but I have never worried about taking classes with any teacher,certified or not, as long as I liked the design they were teaching. Once in the class, I believe I have learned at least one new thing everytime. And if I didn't like a design, it never deterred me from taking another class with that same teacher another time.
Zeena, who has absolutely loved almost every design Gay Ann has done, but can't keep up with the amount she designs. If I were an Octopus with all those arms, maybe then I could stitch everyone of Gay Ann's designs.

margaret said...

I agree with Zeena, I don't care if the teacher has a certification. I am usually so happy to be taking a class, and I have learned in every class something. I also say Amen to absolutely loving every design Gay Ann has done. I just finished redwork kitty and it was so much fun. I am so glad she is giving us non-travelers a chance to stitch her designs. Margaret