Sunday, April 01, 2007

Redwork Mystery: Surprise #1, the Living Room

Here it is, Surprise Window #1. It is the living room for the house. Please note that I used the little pictures on the left and the right for my initials.

If you wish to see how Surprise Window #1 fits on the sampler, go to my website, and click on group projects, then click on the photo. The photo will enlarge and you will see the living room in place on the sampler.

So Margaret, you came the closest to guessing. Shall we sit in the two chairs and stitch together for a while? It is chilly here this morning, so I am glad the fire is roaring.

Gay Ann


margaret said...

Now that is the best invitation I have had for years! Be careful Gay Ann, I'm getting in your head. I love Surprise #1. It is more than I hoped or dreamed it would be. The picture over the fireplace delighted me so much. Thank you, Margaret

Anonymous said...

Gay Ann, What do you recommend for those of us who use three initials (I'm not a HO ... not even a stitching HO)?

Gay Ann Rogers said...

I think you should put a small pattern in each of the frames (any small scale pattern will do) and put your initials elsewhere. Perhaps somewhere near the house itself.

I am glad you like the living room. I am betting you will like the others also, but you will have to wait for them. I would like to start an new guessing game.

Meanwhile, enjoy!
Gay Ann

Anonymous said...

Gay Ann, thanks for the advice ... Not knowing what is to come makes figuring out a modification difficult. I love to improvise, though, so I'm sure I'll have fun looking for a space!

Zembroider said...

I am using White Congress Cloth, and have done the first part with a Mahogany color, or dark brick color.
Also, I have played around with beads for the bush on right side. Not 100% sure I will leave them in. And I might just put in a tiny bee charm in that bush.
For the 2nd part, I think I might like to do little beads on the Lamps, if I can find the petite beads to match, or very small bugle beads, if there is such a thing. Also, I don't think I will put my initials in the little frames. All to be determined.

Gay Ann Rogers said...

Hi again, Heather,

Why don't you leave the decision until later. Also, you may wish to join Shining Needle Society's chat group and ask the others what they plan to do.


Bugles come in various lengths but I think they are consistent in width. They will probably be too bulky but certainly worth a try.

Gay Ann