Saturday, June 02, 2007

Redwork Mystery: Surprise #3 The Music Room

Here is Surprise Window #3, my Music Room. I don't play the harp but Leslie Durst does, so in her honor, I put a harp in the music room. Please notice that there is a little Victorian stool, complete with a fringed top, as well as a chest for music and lots of sheet music on the top of the chest. I wanted to include a violin and bow, and of course there are wall-sconce candles for the right atmosphere.


I will mail the patterns sometime around June 9 or 10, a bit later than last month. I am not sure exactly which day but will post on my blog when the patterns are all in the mail. For those of you concerned, be sure to check my blog.

Gay Ann

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shaldeman said...

Is it to late to receive the "Redwork Mystery" package?