Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tis the Season: Still More on Catalogues

People in my Shining Needle Society Classroom have been busy collecting catalogues (at least I hope they have been) and stacking them under the Christmas tree with a bow and a note on top saying 'Merry Christmas to Me from Me.'

As soon as they check their computers on Christmas morning, the people who are in my Shining Needle Society classroom will find a note from me wishing them Merry Christmas and instructing them to open the catalogues and start our game.

I am hoping it will be reminiscent of childhood. Look at it this way: this year I am playing Santa for the child in each Shining Needle Society member who will learn the games soon!

Please come join us, save your catalogues, stack them under your tree and join my classroom by contacting Kate Gaunt (

SEE you on Christmas morning.

Gay Ann

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