Friday, December 28, 2007

Wrapping Paper and Ribbon from Christmas

I made a rule this year, that I had to use up paper and ribbon left over from past Christmases -- I had to use it all up before I could shop for any more.

In the bottom of a very large box was this gold tissue paper. I combined it with an old old old satin ribbon that is a khaki green and then some curling ribbon in gold. Along with these I cut up some old wired ribbon and made bows, tied with the curling ribbon. The package tag is a much brighter gold and white, but when I finished, I thought, oooo isn't that pretty, I saved a bit of all of it for future inspiration and then today took a photo of it to post on My Blog and in my classroom.

This time of year is a wonderful time to clip inspiration from catalogues, wrappings and Christmas cards. It is so much easier when working on a visual project to have some visual aids. Surround yourself with lots of visual aids and they will begin to work their magic on your mind.

Gay Ann

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