Monday, June 23, 2008

A Donation for EGA

There are a number of people to whom I can't say no, and one of them called me asking for a donation for EGA's 50th Anniversary. I decided to look for a pretty pair of antique scissors and make a scissors fob and threader fob for them. I just finished and I want to keep them! So I decided to take a photo and 'keep' them that way.

The blades of the scissors are marked 'Germany' and most people assume they are German. They aren't; they are American. Companies here imported German scissors blades then made little sterling handles to fit with the blades. The handles here are marked 'sterling' usually a good indication that the silver is American. Even without the marking, the style is American, c 1890-1910.

They are so pretty, with little flowers and vines around the finger rings. An added bonus is that this pair are sharp and cut well! I am such a sucker for these little scissors and I buy them whenever I see them.

To personalize them, I beaded a scissors fob and a threader fob for the handles. A couple of years ago the owner of a little estate jewelry shop here sold some remarkable beads from the 1920's to me. She said in all her years in business she had not seen beads for sale like them and I would likely never see them again. I have a small and treasured box of these beads and I used two of them on the scissors fob. They are the long white bead and the flower-like bead at the end. The beads are metal and if you look carefully, you will see tiny rhinestones sprinkled on them. They are, as I said, remarkable beads!

So I snapped a little photo of the scissors and fobs and I will send them off. I wonder where they will end up. I hope in a nice home. And I will enjoy the photo of them as a memento.

Gay Ann

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