Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mystery in a Corner: a Great Commentary on Part 1

Pierrette is a member of Shining Needle Society and has been posting comments in my classroom there. She just emailed me the photograph I have posted here, of her newly-completed Part 1 of Mystery in a Corner.
Pierrette asked Pam Douda and Kim Propst (Tomorrow's Heirlooms) for help with the colors and then she documented each step of her progress on her blog. For a great evolution of Part 1 of her Mystery in a Corner, visit her blog:

And stay tuned for her completed Mystery in a Corner which I hope to post here in another month or so. I will send out Part 2, the mysterious corners, after July 1. The stitches for Mystery in a Corner are easy; the important part of the lesson comes in the use of color and, in Part 2, some design decisions. I look forward to seeing what Pierrette and others do with the mysterious corners of Mystery in a Corner.

Stay tuned...
Gay Ann

I wanted to add this one too: Jeanne sent me a link to her very pretty Part 1 of Mystery in a Corner. If you would like to see it go to and scroll down.
Thank you for the link, Jeanne.