Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Challenge Ornament, Painting Skills and Twilight Angel

People have been buying paint supplies and gathering together scraps of canvas and we are about to try coloring canvas ground. It is such a good exercise because it does away with the starkness of the ground and it makes a nice subtle statement.

I stitched Twilight Angel on ecru canvas but if I were to stitch her again, I would wash a gentle color on the canvas, add just a touch of glitter and stitch away. I might also crop her differently this time around and with the thought in mind, I have posted here just a detail of Twilight Angel. I like the way she looks in this photograph.

For the full Twilight Angel, please go to my website, www.GayAnnRogers.com, scroll down on the Home Page, and take a peek at her by clicking on Strawberry Girl. She was hiding there till I made a mistake and blew her cover. The pattern is for sale there until August 20 (also a result of my blowing her cover).

To join our discussions of painting color, color choices, Challenge Ornament and Twilight Angel, contact KateGaunt@aol.com.
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Gay Ann

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deepika said...

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