Saturday, August 09, 2008

Twilight Angel and A New Dimension for Challenge Ornament

I have been mailing out Challenge Ornament Patterns and I hope people enjoy planning this little ornament. I leave a lot of decisions to the maker and I am anxious to see what people do with the ornament.

In the interest of adding a dimension to the challenge, I plan to teach how to paint a wash over a canvas ground. My method is a little unconventional but I hope it makes the task easy. So many canvas grounds are so stark: stark white, stark green, stark blue. My idea is to soften the color a bit, add a bit of mystery in the ways of swirls and color, in short to add a design dimension to the ground fabric.

The whole idea evolved a few days ago when Pierrette P. wrote to ask me about the color of the ground fabric for my Twilight Angel (whom I had hidden under Strawberry Girl on my website Home Page with the pattern for sale). I answered that I would, if I were to stitch her again, wash a gentle color on the ground fabric and add a bit of glitter. Just a bit. So that Twilight Angel would look like she vanishes and appears in gentle swirls.

Twilight Angel remains one of the prettiest designs I have stitched, if I do say so. I taught her at Callaway several years ago and I also won the Ann Speiss Mills Angel award for her one year at ANG's exhibit. Sorry, I don't remember which year.

(As an aside, the ribbon arrived with a pretty stitched center which I like, so I keep it hanging on my bookcase. It is all faded now and tattered, but I still like the stitched center).

To see Twilight Angel, go to Home Page, scroll down and click on Strawberry Girl. She is hiding underneath Strawberry Girl, a secret to see who discovered her until it all erupted (due to a mistake I made) and is public now.

Members of my Shining Needle Society classroom have written that they are willing to try, so the fun and games will begin shortly. I plan to mail a small and unconventional supplies list to members of Shining Needle Society today. The emphasis here is on unconventional canvas painting 101. Entry level.

To join Shining Needle Society, go to and click on the link on my Home Page.

Gay Ann

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